Discover How to Find that Spark That Will Light Your Way to Greater Success & Happiness in Life!

Get Unstuck, Get Moving & Open Up Doors to Exciting Possibilities. Don’t Let Depression & Despair Dim Your Light … Find Out How to Fill Your Life With Joy & Hope & Excitement Below

It’s all too easy to get beat down by life. To feel disappointed with yourself. Maybe you procrastinate; maybe you lack goals and a clear direction. Maybe you have difficulty making decisions. Maybe you feel isolated and alone.

Well, if you feel unhappy with your life … if you feel stuck or lack motivation, this is going to be the most important web page you read today.

Here’s why: in just a moment I’m going to tell you how you can completely change your life. I’m going to share secrets that will allow you to get moving and to open doors to exciting new opportunities.

How does that sound? Do you yearn for a life of possibility … a life filled with joy and hope … a life where doors you thought were closed forever, or didn’t even know existed, are suddenly open wide for you?

If so, I urge you to get comfortable and read this short page now. It’s going to have a dramatic positive impact on your life.

First, Let Me Introduce Myself …

My name is Carol Anne and I’m a Grandmother, a Natural Intuitive, an Educator (previously as a math teacher, now as a Personal Development Educator), a “Body Whisperer,” an author and the creator and facilitator of a new remote healing program that I’ll tell you more about in just a minute.

First, I want to explain why I created this new program to begin with.

You see, there was time when my daughter wasn’t doing well in school. She became angry and bitter and didn’t want to sit for her GCSE’s because she was certain she would fail them.

I hated to see my daughter losing her confidence and her motivation and so I began searching for something that I could do to help her.

That search led me to Brain Gym(R) and Educational Kinesiology, which basically says that moving with intention leads to optimal learning.

As someone who has always loved movement, whether through dance, exercise or sports, this concept really appealed to me and I felt like it could be something that really helped my daughter get through her struggles.

So I dedicated myself to learning all I could about it. I joined an international organisation that has developed an educational model that promotes play and the joy of learning.

At the same time, I continued to study and do research on the subject until I had gained so much knowledge and training that I was able to write a book on the power of movement.

Writing that book, “Move and Grow Richer, Part One,” is proof of the power of this concept, I believe. You see, I’ve always been a “math person,” I struggled with English but thanks to Educational Kinesiology and the power of movement with purpose I was able to become an author, which is something I never thought I would be able to say.

Is there something in your life that you’ve always wanted but has seemed out of reach? This program could be just what you need to achieve it.

As for my daughter, just five months of sessions with an Educational Kinesiologist helped transform her from that angry, bitter student who was sure she would fail into a much happier, much more confident student who sat and passed all of her GCSE’s!

My Daughter’s Success Inspired Me to Quit My Job as a Math Teacher to Become a Personal Development Educator

I believe that I have discovered a new paradigm for education – one that can allow people to change their lives and achieve the success and happiness that they’ve always wanted.

I’ve seen this process work again and again – for those who feel stuck, for those who are depressed, for those who feel like there should be more to their life.

Introducing the 5D Global Awakening Program


This program is the result of all my studies and research, training and experiences. Basically, it re-educates your body to move in a more efficient way. I then incorporate other healing or transformational modalities into it to produce exciting breakthroughs in your life.

No matter where you are in life. You can be battling depression, you can feel like you fail at everything you do, you can feel like you don’t deserve success or maybe you are somewhat successful but believe you could have even more if you applied yourself … whatever issues you are dealing with this program can help you.

Are You Resigned & Depressed About Your Lack of Development?

I’ve noticed many people develop a deep apathy about their own lives. They may use food and drink to suppress feelings of anxiety and/or anger. They may shut down emotionally. They may feel intense insecurity … and experience lots of wishful thinking.

This program will shift thoughts of “sloth and inertia” into “engagement and action” so you can get the life you’ve always wanted.

This program:

  • Raises vibrational energy so that you attract good and repel bad
  • Sends your motivation skyrocketing so excuses evaporate and you start achieving your goals
  • Stops procrastination and gets you to start taking action now
  • Replaces feelings of being alone with feelings of belonging to something bigger than yourself
  • Gives you the support, encouragement, information and techniques you need to transform your life
  • And much more

Don’t Continue to ‘Sleepwalk’ Through Life!

You Were Meant for So Much More & the 5D Global Awakening Program Will Open Your Eyes to the Possibilities!

What will be your success story?

Sign up for my first remote healing session – you’ll pay just $19 for that session and nothing more – and see what this program can do for you! This program will teach you how to reach a whole new level of being. It includes workshops, group and one-on-one sessions.

You’ll learn how to move your story from your heart and soul onto paper and then out into the world.

I’ve had clients who were mired in a dark, despairing world of depression who were able to move into a new world filled with joy, hope and possibility.

I’ve had clients who felt stuck or trapped who were able to open doors to new possibilities and to new ways of living life.

Here’s How the Program Works:

The program consists of three parts, each of which are made up of 6 remote healing sessions. Each session is supported by a pre- and post-questionnaire that helps you focus on what’s really wrong, develop goals for the future, take action and accomplish them.

In each session, we will take notice of the things that are stopping you from moving forward and then we’ll focus on the actions you need to take to overcome those things and then seize the new opportunities that will be available to you.

In other words, we’ll get you moving toward the life of your dreams.


Now, for a limited time, I’m letting students sign up for just the first remote healing session at a cost of just $19.

Sign Up Now

Take that one session and see if it is right for you. See if it helps you recognize what’s really holding you back in your life and gives you the movement and information you need to break free and achieve greater success and happiness.

If it does, great! Then you can consider signing up for the remaining five healings sessions in Part I of the program.

Part 1

  • 5 Healing Sessions for Part 1
Enroll Now

Part 2

  • 6 Healing Sessions for Part 2
Enroll Now

Part 3

  • 6 Healing Sessions for Part 3
Enroll Now

In each remote healing session, we’ll look at what is bothering you and what can be done to improve your life.

For example, in Session I, we’ll consider the following:

  • What you constantly find yourself looking at that needs doing but you end up turning away from
  • What you see in your mind’s eye that you want to do but somehow can’t see yourself accomplishing it
  • What thoughts you constantly find yourself being pulled back to
  • What feelings you find yourself experiencing again and again
  • What actions you repeatedly find yourself drawn to taking
  • What you constantly find yourself wanting that you feel/see/think would make the difference in your life
  • Where you feel totally stuck, no matter how much work you do to move forward
  • Who do you constantly find yourself looking at, or listening to, wishing you could be like them
  • Are you experiencing any ongoing physical pain or restriction in movement
  • How many incomplete projects/ideas do you have

And much more

We’ll look at these common problems and then we’ll look at using movement and more to overcome them and achieve greater success and happiness in your life.

Take Session ONE for Just $19!

If the session doesn’t work for you, let me know and I’ll give you your money-back! That’s right, I’m so confident this program can help you that I’m offering a money-back guarantee. Take Session I and if you are not satisfied for any reason, or no reason at all, just notify me and I’ll give you your money back. Don’t miss this risk-free opportunity to take your life to the next level.

Sign Up Now

Taking Action is a BIG Problem for Many People!

Does this sound familiar at all? You take a course or a training program, you learn valuable information, but then you never take action and actually use what you’ve learned?

Well, this is an extremely common problem – particularly now that the Internet is so popular. People will take an online course and then never do anything with what they’ve learned.

That’s why movement is essential to learning. You have to be able to move or you are destined to stay right where you are at.

Having immersed myself in this work for over 15 years, I have developed an innate ability to be with people and get in tune with them.

I’ll work closely with you to help you overcome negative thoughts and physical limitations so that you can start living your best life as soon as possible.

It’s Time for You to Join the Movement

That Is Bigger Than Any One Person

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be easy to feel alone, overlooked, taken for granted.

In this program, you will immediately become part of something much bigger than yourself.

My goal in creating this remote healing program is to ultimately create a world where everyone wakes up, gets up and takes action.

My vision is to create an energy that goes around the world and touches everybody, awakening an impulse to expand consciousness.

I want to see a world where the upper end of our emotional way of being spectrum has become the norm.

And the key to all of this starts with person to person contact like what you’ll get in this program.

Are you ready to make a difference not only in your life but in the world?

Then sign up now and take my first remote healing session for just $19.

In this session you’ll learn how to identify what you really want out of life, what is holding you back from getting it and what you can do to get unstuck and get moving toward your goals.

Take Session One for just $19

To your success and happiness,

Carol Anne Cooper

P.S. Don’t be left out! By awakening yourself in this program you will become part of an exciting movement that is changing the world for the better one person at a time.

P.P.S. This program awakens the ability to construct a future and take actions towards fulfilling it. It empowers you to find the spark that will light the way to greater success and happiness. Ready to brighten your life?  

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