Carol-AnneOne of Carol Anne’s big passions is movement in life. She is committed to people moving through whatever is in the way of them having what they want.

From wife, mum and Head Teacher of Maths, Carol Anne’s life has moved to being a Grandmother, Spiritual Mum, Educator, Body Whisperer, author and Co-Creator /Facilitator of the 5D Global Awakening remote healing program.

Carol Anne’s journey began by finding Educational Kinesiology/Brain Gym®. She used this powerful work to support her daughter through an academic struggle and was delighted to witness her daughter’s shift from angry, belligerent student (who didn’t want to sit her GCSEs because she thought she would fail them) to a happier more confident student who sat and passed them all! This brilliant outcome ignited Carol Anne’s desire to know more about Brain Gym®. She left teaching to explore a world of personal development. She discovered a new paradigm for education and began leading it by living it, by being the change she wanted to see in the world of education and lifelong learning.

Carol Anne’s first breakthrough was achieving an English Language A level, even though she’d always believed she was a numbers person and not successful with words!

The thought of writing a book was a revelation and shock to her because she’d always struggled with writing. A drive from within guided the journey and she began to have several ideas for books, courses and workshops. Carol Anne realised she had notes jotted down and a desire to write but she was not writing or sharing any of it! She decided to move through the blocks.

Through determination, persistence and a relentless pursuit of ways to have breakthroughs Carol Anne trained in many complementary fields. She now uses this wealth of wisdom to empower leaders to be leaders at a whole new level of being through her remote healing program. This programme includes workshops, group and one-on-one sessions. She supports people to move their story from their heart and soul onto paper and into the world. Sometimes moving her clients from a dark despairing world of depression to a world of joy, hope and possibility or moving them from feeling stuck and trapped to seeing doors opening and new ways of living life emerging as a possibility.

Movement has always been important to Carol Anne; she has a love for dancing, exercise and sport. She’s noticed that taking action following a course or training can be an issue for some people, and that movement is often a missing factor in many teaching and training environments.

Having immersed herself in this work for over 15 years, Carol Anne has found an innate ability to be with people, to be in tune with them. Her first book ‘Move and Grow Richer, Part One’ has developed from this connected place alongside her remote healing program, 5D Global Awakening.

One client expressed ‘Doors I thought were closed forever can now be opened’, after only one session all those years ago. Clients today are finding the same thing happening for them too, as does Carol Anne.

Carol Anne is delighted that all her experience and training has opened up a new way forward for all her material to take shape in her book and training programme and she is looking forward to sharing it all with you.

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