Bouncy, Bouncy,

Pouncy, Flouncy,

Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun

The wonderful thing about Tiggers is

I’m the only one!

Unfortunately it’s a sad fact that many people are not able to be that bouncy and bounce back when they encounter a setback. They forget they are the only one living their life, with their own special take on it. They start a project only to be unbalanced and stopped by others comments; things not going quite to plan; everyday life getting in the way; or it seemingly taking far too long to achieve, and so the project gets shelved. I am sure you probably know one or two people like that. Maybe you are one of them?

Well the solution to being able to bounce back, and continue with your project to completion, is having a balance of the 3 springs of Resilience: being tenacious, being angry and being willing.

After discovering Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym®) and a whole new world of personal development I left teaching and embarked on a journey of training and discovery. Exploring different techniques to help me bounce back from illness, divorce, house repossession and moving forward out of employment and into self-employment. And along the way I have assisted others to find resilience, being able to once again move forward with their goals and projects in their lives, business and relationships.

About 8/9 years ago I remember being told I had not been successful, at the audition, in getting a 15 minute speaking slot at the Yes Group London member’s night. In spite of receiving some amazing feedback all I felt was disappointment. After all the effort I had put in I just thought ‘I can’t go through that again’, I allowed myself to be knocked sideways and feeling discouraged I put speaking on stage to one side. Now all these years later I have once again begun to venture out to speaking on stage. So what happened?

I found a balance between the 3 springs of resilience: being tenacious, angry and willing. But what does that mean and how could you achieve this resilience?

Firstly – tenaciously holding onto your vision of what it is you want to achieve.

Secondly – tapping into and utilising your anger energy to move you into action. At the same time asking yourself ‘If I can’t do that, what can I do?. How can I make this work?’

Thirdly – willingness to do whatever it takes; no matter how many times you get knocked back; no matter how long it takes to do it; no matter how off the beaten track in may seem to be, until you have achieved it.

One simple activity to help you find this kind of resilience, and keep bouncing back, is to do the following 3 steps:

  1. Thinking about what your set back is, jump on the spot. How much spring do you have? Do you actually feel like jumping?
  2. Closing your eyes, put your first two fingers on your forehead above your eyes, midway between your hairline and eyebrow. (These points are known as Emotional Stress Release points in Touch For Health and Positive Points in Brain Gym®). Now focus on tenaciously holding onto your vision, tapping into your anger energy and willingly doing whatever it takes, breath into it and feel a balance of all 3 take place.
  3. Repeat step 1 and notice what has changed.

What are you now guided to do? Go take action and enjoy the journey, repeating the above 3 steps as often as you need to maintain being resilient, bouncing back and achieving your goal.

Keep bouncing! And let me know how it goes.



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